A support statement from Stephanie Horton, ESQ.

Dear Friends: If anyone of you is a Wake County voter, I would ask that you consider my dear friend and colleague, Rebecca A. Edwards for the office of District Court Judge. Despite where you stand with the Kavanaugh debate, I think we can all agree that his nomination has sparked a renewed desire to ensure that we choose competent, ethical candidates to serve in our judiciary.

In my humble experience, there is no position in our government that can and does immediately and permanently affect people on an individual level and in their daily lives as much as the position of District Court Judge. Whether deciding on the guilt or innocence of a defendant, or determining where a parent's children will reside, their decisions have lasting effects on the people who stand before them.

The sad reality is, however, that most people do not take the time to educate themselves about the candidates. I can understand that as most people do not think that they will ever encounter one. But they may, and even if they don't themselves, I am almost sure that someone they love will. When that happens, I can assure you that they will want the best judge possible hearing that case.

As an opposing counsel, Rebecca was formidable, yet reasonable, and always respectful. Her work ethic and the quality of the work she produced was enviable. Her attention to detail second to none. She can seemingly recite verbatim rules of civil procedure, which are no easy task to even understand, even for a lawyer.

As a person, she is warm, kind, and openhearted. I have not met anyone that has ever encountered Rebecca that hasn't felt immensely more important after encountering her because of her sincere ability to meet each person on their level and to lift each person she meets above their own perceived station. I feel honored to call her my friend.

The bottom line is that we need good judges. We need learned judges. We need impartial and equitable judges who know and understand the law, how to apply it, and who implement it fairly.

Wake County needs Rebecca A. Edwards. I hope I get the chance to one day appear before her and address her as Judge Edwards.

Please consider her as your choice for Wake County District Court Judge this November!


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